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Remembering Tim Carpenter; "Onward" Awards and Celebration

Tim Carpenter made an impression everywhere he went, especially in Washington, DC. We would like to remember Tim and at the same time show how his memory has made it possible for us to move "Onward" and not only continue the work that he started but begin to expand it.

We would like to invite PDA members nationwide to join us via LiveStream on Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm to join us as we honor our Congressional heroes, grassroots and organizational activists who made Tim's "Onward" a reality.

PDA started as one organization and now there are two (Progressive Democrats of America and People Demanding Action). Where we formerly worked only at the Federal level, we have extended our outreach to both state and local activism. We have also expanded our technology to empower local activists to truly move the progressive agenda forward.



Our Congressional Legislative Awardees have introduced the legislation that we need to get our country back on the right track on mass criminalization, voting rights, equal rights, expansion of Social Security, Jobs, Healthcare, the environment and prosperity.

Our Grassroots Awardees lead chapters, organize Congressional and now state letter drops, have started new organizations and worked to introduce legislation - all of them volunteers. We would like to recognize the following leaders:

Dan O'Neal Randy Shannon
Mary Ellen Marino Valencia Mohammed
Russell Greene Stephen Spitz
Andy Shallal Joe Libertelli

Our Organizational Awardees (Women-Matter and National Nurses United (NNU) re-invigorated old ideas, built broad coalitions and reminded us that the good old-fashioned ideas of equality, fairness and economic prosperity are more relevant and important today than ever.   

Please join me on Tuesday evening via LiveStream as we honor the teamwork that has moved us onward. Big hug!

In solidarity,

Conor Boylan
Executive Director

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