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Hitting the Streets for Medicare for ALL -

Join Us!

Now is the time to fight for Medicare-for-All. Please see this urgent message from the Healthy California Campaign, and help!

Here in California, we have a real opportunity to establish a single-payer system for universal health coverage for all Californians by passing Senate Bill 562. 

Find your local Medicare for All Weekend of Action Event HERE. 

The California State Senate has already passed SB 562. And the executive committee of the California Democratic Party endorsed the bill by a unanimous vote. But a powerful Democrat, the Speaker of the California State Assembly is blocking the bill from coming up for a vote.  

The Assembly won’t return to Sacramento until January. In the meantime, pharma and insurance industry lobbyists are mobilizing against the bill. That’s why we need to be out in full force putting pressure on Democrats in the Assembly to pledge their support for single payer healthcare and SB 562.  

You can be part of that pressure by joining our statewide Medicare-for-All Weekend of Action to take to the streets and helping us talk to voters in all 80 Assembly districts across the state.  

Let’s tell Democrats in the California State Assembly -- loud and clear -- that health care is a human right and all Californians deserve access to quality medical care.  

Find your local Medicare for All Weekend of Action Event HERE. 

With the battle over healthcare raging in Washington, D.C., it’s more critical than ever that we fight for Medicare-for-all here in California. Thank you for joining us.

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