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At 5 pm Friday, June 23, CA Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced that he is placing our

Healthy California Act, SB 562, on HOLD!

PDA activists in California join the California Nurses Association in its condemnation of this action. We ask that you read the announcement below by the campaign and take IMMEDIATE ACTION as requested below.  
This requires all of us. 
This is NOT A DRILL!



"Immediate Action Needed to Save Guaranteed Healthcare!

Healthy California joins the California Nurses and other supporters of guaranteed healthcare in condemning the insider, secret action by Speaker Rendon to stop SB 562 (see release below). 

Join our canvass today in his district and all, tweet, Facebook, email Speaker Rendon today and through the weekend to send a strong message. With federal attacks on our healthcare moving forward, we know SB 562 is the ONLY solution that saves billions and covers everyone. With 70% support in California, Speaker Rendon is standing between us and guaranteed healthcare for all.  

What to say when you call:

“I strongly support S.B. 562, the Healthy California Act, because every Californian deserves guaranteed healthcare. I’m urging Speaker Rendon to stop doing secret insider deals on our healthcare. He must move SB 562 forward as the best solution to the federal attacks on our healthcare. No other solution saves billions and covers everyone with medical, dental, vision, mental health and more.”

Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly (D-63)

Twitter: @Rendon63rd
[email protected]

Canvass Speaker Rendon’s District TOMORROW

Date: Saturday, June 24
Time: 9:45 AM - 4 PM
Location: 4833 Candlewood St, Lakewood, CA 90712-1832


HealthyCA Team

PS. Help us get out the word on Facebook and Twitter too!

Statement released by the California Nurses Association:

The California Nurses Association condemns the decision by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to destroy the aspirations of millions of Californians for guaranteed health care without being bankrupted or forced to skip needed care.

Announcing this decision at 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon is a cowardly act, developed in secret without engaging the thousands of Californians who have rallied to enact real health care reform.

Speaker Rendon’s decision is especially ironic given the pending action by the U.S. Senate to withdraw health coverage for millions of Americans, including Californians, and drastically increase costs for tens of millions more of the most ill among us.

Acting in secret in the interests of the profiteering insurance companies late Friday afternoon abandons all those people already threatened by Congress and the Trump administration.

The people of California are counting on the legislature to protect them now, not sometime next year, and as polls have shown Californians support this proposal by a wide majority. A solution to this health care emergency could be at hand; Speaker Rendon is standing in opposition.

Thousands of Californians have been in motion for guaranteed health care. They are not finished.

Deborah Burger, RN, co-president, California Nurses Association"

As PDA Activists we ask that each of you place calls, Facebook messages and tweets to Speaker Rendon, and urgently ask your family and friends to do the same. If you live anywhere near his Lakewood district, please canvass there tomorrow. 

Judy Hess and Dr. Bill Honigman
PDA California State Co-Coordinators


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