Help Send the PDA Team to Philadelphia

When we convene in Philadelphia in just over a week, yours truly, the guy you might know better as Mike "the phone guy" Fox, will be there as the floor captain for all the elected Bernie delegates who are part of the PDA base. Please pitch in now to help us get more of our people to Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention and our Progressive Central events.

PDA has more than 200 people who worked hard to get elected as Bernie delegates to the DNC convention. That's in large part because of our early work with the "We Want Bernie" campaign. The costs for travel and housing for delegates could well exceed $3,000 each. PDA cannot cover all of that along with all of the other convention related and Progressive Central costs. We need you to step up big to help pay our activists' way to Philadelphia. Jim Hightower wrote a brief message calling on all of us to support me, and people responded. Now, I'm asking for your help to send me the people I need to help me win floor fights at the convention.

I Need Your Help To Get Folks To Philly!


Please pitch in now to help us get our team to Philadelphia. As our PDA Bernie delegates take the fight to the floor in the convention halls, we need the street heat to help us bring home the message: the time for a People's Political Revolution is now, and the Democratic Party must see the road before it or deteriorate into obsolescence.

"Justice or Bust" is our mantra, and if the Democratic Party doesn't want to absorb this awesome political energy and use it for good, someone else will. The movement is just now awakening, and will only get stronger. Whether you prefer working inside the political process to get progressives elected, or on the outside putting on pressure with peaceful but determined street heat, we're with you. Let's change the world, together. Please join me in donating today so PDA activists and I can get a lot done for us in Philly.

As Jim Hightower wrote, "Some people have just plain earned our support. Mike has mine." While I appreciate that, I can't do it alone. Please pitch in now to help us get my teammates to Philadelphia.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox, National Staff, Bernie PDA Delegates Floor Captain For the 2016 DNC

P.S. If you can't make it to Philadelphia, please donate now to help us make the People's Convention a huge success! A special favor: if you're a delegate, please contact me Mike "Delegate Guy" Fox to participate in our discussions and planning ASAP. Please pitch in $500, $50, $5 or whatever you can now to help support our organizing at the convention.


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