February 4th the TPP will be signed in New Zealand, and we will be one of many protest sites around the country, against a corporate toxic trade treaty that is meant to seal the neoliberal agenda, empowering corporate rights over human, environmental and digital rights over 12 countries.

The only ones who can stop this deal are you and I.  We must make sure Congress votes NO on the TPP when it comes up for a vote.

The agreement is said to cover 40% of the global economy, but it’s so much more than that. It will ensure corporate domination over virtually every aspect of our lives, cementing the neoliberal ideology that every aspect of life on earth can be equated to a cost-benefit analysis, to facilitate the fleecing of the 99% and the beauty of the planet, in order that a small number of the global elite can continue to steal the fruits of our labor and planetary resources.

In other words, if we want to protect our water from fracking, or the planet from sea-level rise, our environmental laws will have to be run before a corporate tribunal first. TPP / TTIP / TiSA= Betrayal, and we intend to let our representatives know that our labor, environmental, food safety, medicine, and labeling laws, that have been democratically passed, are not up for negotiation by transnational corporations who, incidentally are not natural persons.

We will gather on Hwy 60 outside the Bank of America Building, actually on the hwy 60 side of Bank of America, one of the "Corporate Advisors" who had access to the negotiating text for 7 years, make a short speech, then we'll cross over and take our time protesting in front of the Intercontinental Bldg. where Morgan Stanley, Brown and Root and others are housed. We will bring drums, shakers, banners. All organizations, please join us. Bring banners with your logos as we march in solidarity with the people of all countries as a protest against TPP / TTIP / TiSA / NAFTA ETC… That put corporate profit over the survival of people and the planet. We'll make a stop at the Memorial monument and park called Monument of the March on the Road of Remembrance calling for international trade justice.  This is at the intersection of 60 / W 60 and Memorial Hwy

We need musicians and drummers. We'll fly our banners in this highly trafficked area before going across W Kennedy to Marco Rubio's office, to drop off a roll of tpp  since he says he supports the TPP.   Isn't it funny how Rubio is always calling out President Obama, then suddenly he silently supports him on this terrible corporate coup?  Please join us!   We need you to do major outreach so we can build a movement to not only stop toxic trade, but to build a sustainable world vision.  Please join us!

February 04, 2016 at 3pm - 5pm
N. Westshore Plaza of Bank of America
100 N Westshore Plz
Tampa, FL 33609
United States
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Harriet Heywood ·

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