National TPP Call - October 18, 2015

Resist the Global Corporate Agenda (TTIP)
 with Jürgen Maier
National TPP Call - October 18th
605-562-3140 PIN: 951146#
7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm Pacific
Enter Webinar Room


This week’s TPP Team call features Jürgen Maier,  leader of the recent protest in Berlin against the TTIP that brought out 250,000 people.  We are looking forward to hearing Jürgen's recipe for organizing success.


As we continue on the front line of the fight between an equitable global economy on the one hand, and a world that is increasingly being pillaged in the name of profit and extraction on the other; the lines that once were blurred are becoming much more clearly focused. From the Thatcher / Reagan philosophy that dictates no other way than the political ideology of privatization, consumerism, accompanied by crippling austerity measures, and debt, we have come to understand that free trade is only a newer vehicle driving global populations and environmental standards to the lowest common denominator, all in the name of profits for the super wealthy.  But the model is deeply flawed and outdated.  And the people are catching on.

Also welcome Dr. Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance / Flush the TPP about coming mass actions in D.C., next month / ;

Andrea Miller, Executive Director, People Demanding Action will moderate the call;

Adam Weissman, TradeJustice New York Metro will update us on New York actions

Please join us this evening.

National TPP Team

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