Stand Up. Take Action. Vote. Resist.


PDA was founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party and our country. As a grassroots PAC, with our sister organization People Demanding Action, we work to enact policies that serve the public interest, not the big special interests. In 2016, we helped launch Young Progressives Demanding Action (YPDA) to organize for progress on national college campuses.

Our inside/outside strategy is working. We're revitalizing the Democratic Party by endorsing candidates who run on progressive principles. We were instrumental in persuading Sen. Bernie Sanders to run for president, we helped launch the political revolution, and we've backed dozens of progressives who've won elections.

For decades, the Democratic Party declined as its leadership catered to corporations and the elite while neglecting working Americans. PDA is rebuilding the Party from the grassroots up, energizing an organizing progressives across America.

We're committed to: ending wars and occupations, protecting voting rights and election integrity, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, getting big money and corporate influence out of politics, securing healthcare as a human right, building a full employment economy, ending racism and mass criminalization, and advancing economic and social justice.