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Over Thanksgiving, you may live in or may have traveled to a region that has not recovered from the Great Recession. Big Bank misconduct was a major cause of the crash. The $trillion plus we paid to bail out Wall Street didn't "trickle down" to us, and failed to relieve the credit crunch that still grips entire regions of the United States. Postal banking is a quick and effective remedy.

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With a branch in every zip code, these banks in local post offices would provide affordable financial services to hardworking Americans. Join us in demanding action to extend these options to unserved and underserved communities by signing this petition

The United States Post Office (USPS) is well-trusted, and already provides limited financial services. The USPS should begin expanding current operations to offer services including ATMs to let customers access funds without paying a fee; payroll check cashing; as well as bill paying and electronic funds transfers.

Please join our civic arm--People Demanding Action--and our friends at the Grand Alliance to Save our Public Postal Service by signing the petition to help bring back postal banking. Our nation turned to postal banking in recent history when facing similar challenges. For decades, postal banking helped to relieve recessions, promote recoveries, and serve entire regions that had been neglected by traditional financial institutions.

Today, many rural and urban regions have been abandoned by traditional banks. In rural areas, postal banks would serve farmers and ranchers. Postal banking would also help people in these “financial deserts” by offering affordable alternatives to high fee high / high interest rate payday lenders and check cashing store-fronts. These and similar predatory operators cost some families 10% of their entire income! All this while supporting local economies. Sign the petition to tell the Postmaster General to promote postal banking.

Click here to tell the Postmaster General to listen to Americans who cannot access to traditional banks as well as those looking for an alternative to the Big Banks. Send a strong message that you agree postal banking is a real solution that will serve the American public, not Wall Street.

In solidarity,

Conor, Deb, Janis, Jeanne, Judy, Kim, Mike F., Mike H.
Your PDA National Team

P.S. We hope you appreciate our work organizing on behalf of the 99%! We’d deeply appreciate a generous investment in progress now to help Progressive Democrats of America!

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